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UTP STP CAT-5 and Coaxial Cable Stripper HT-352

Jonard Tools Universal Cable Stripping Tool (UST-500 & UST-596)

Use for Coax, Round Network Cables and Flat Cables - This versatile tool is five tools in one. Simply reverse the cassette for RG59/6 \u0026 7/11 Coax Cables. Insert the Round Cable into the second hole (adjustable) for a fast and easy strip.

The third hole is for cutting all styles of cable while the fourth hole is designed for Flat Cable and 4P/6P style cable. The perfect wire stripper for most stripping applications.

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Alejandro Puente : This video was quite useful because I just bought a similar tool but it doesn't came with any instructions about how to use it properly. Thanks.
2WhiteAndNerdy : Awesome. So simple to use, yet I wasn't 100% sure what to do since I'm such a rookie at this sort of thing. Thanks for posting!
allan weir : this is great did not no you can buy this tools ! can I get them near my home ? in Mass
Churchun Diaz : Chévere, bien explicado, y con ejemplos. bacán !!!
Rick Ramirez :

Стриппер кабельный универсальный SNR-HT-352

Работа с кабельным стриппером
Денис : Ты не той стороной вставил кабель в стриппер. Поэтому тот нож который должен был снять изоляцию обрезал не только внешнюю изоляцию, но и внутреннюю изоляцию кабеля и даже жилу . Это хорошо видно на видео, В дальше идёт фото-монтаж! Лень переснимать было?




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